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Interactive calendar

This calendar offers even more added value

With this calendar you will not only increase awareness, but also create new traffic to your digital publications. With the addition of a digital layer on your calendar, it is possible to match offline and online marketing. Generating traffic to your corporate video, website, facebook or twitter account, thanks to the interactive calendar it is all possible.

How does it work?

When we start producing your calendar we bring a digital layer to the artwork, called Layar, which makes it interactive. By scanning your calendar with a smartphone or tablet your custumoer reads the extra contact we put on your calendar. What this content is, is entirely up to you. See below the information video which shows how easy it works.

Discover interactive print with the Layar app!

What do we offer you?

For € 500,- we offer you the service to link your calendar to your corporate video, website and you personal media sites. (such as facebook, twitter, etc,)

Quartas Calendars. Functional, efficient and effective.