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Sustainable calendars

Quartas calendars are produced in a sustainable way

Quartas calendars are produced in a sustainable way
VAN AS operates a sustainable policy, which means that we aim for, among other things, good operating profits combined with protecting the environment, utilizing the talents of our employees, and contributing to the stability of the society in which we work.
Below are some examples of the results of this policy.

Quartas calendar printed on FSC paper
Paper provided with the Forest Stewardship Council certificate guarantees that the main raw material for paper, natural wood, originates from strictly managed forests, with optimum attention to people and the environment.
VAN AS not only prints on FSC paper upon request, but uses this paper for virtually its entire production. Furthermore, calendars produced under our own management are provided with the FSC label.

Pre-press without developer and fixer
State-of-the art automation and use of the latest technologies mean that we no longer use film and chemicals in our Pre-press department.

Printing without IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol)
For some time now, VAN AS has already limited its use of Isopropyl Alcohol to a minimum; and from March 2012, VAN AS will produce completely IPA-free. From then on, solvents will no longer be necessary for the production, which will be beneficial to the air quality and safe for our staff.

Energy consumption
VAN AS only uses green energy in its production processes.
In addition, we have considerably reduced consumption by working exclusively with oxidative drying inks. Our future investment programmes will also be partly aimed at a further reduction of our energy consumption.
Re-use of residual heat
By diverting process heat to the production area, we achieve an annual saving of 10% on our gas consumption. Furthermore, the heat exchanger to be placed new will ensure a smaller temperature difference between the fresh air and the inside climate required.

Separate and compact waste flows
All waste flows are presented separately to specialist processors. For the 2 largest waste flows, plastic and paper, special use is made of baling presses, so that the volume and therefore the transport is limited to a minimum.

Handicapped employee
The production area of VAN AS is maintained by a handicapped employee. Meanwhile, ‘our Wim’ has been in service for more than 12 years and makes a valuable contribution to separating the waste flows.

Staff training
By means of an annual budget, VAN AS ensures that its staff regularly follow practical training courses, varying from health, safety and environmental courses, to courses for applications/machines, as well as courses in the English language and commerce, for example.

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