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Wall calendars

calendar for wall

In view thanks to a wall calendar
A pen makes a nice relation gift. However, once the pen is empty or if it gets lost, you are no longer in view. That problem will be solved with a wall calendar; because wall calendars are hung in a visible spot and then used all year round. So make sure that your wall calendar is a real eye-catcher and to achieve this, engage the help of Quartas, the specialist in calendars.

Always affordable
The extensive range by Quartas proves that a wall calendar as a relation gift need not be expensive. For example, you can choose for the very practical Q100 series or for a slightly more extensive calendar, with more space for printing. The budget-friendly Q200 series also offers you various possibilities. Many of our wall calendars have postage-friendly measurements and simply fall under the category of letter post.

In the option bar at the top of this page, you have an overview of all the wall calendars offered by Quartas. Click on a design to read more about this specific wall calendar.

SPECIAL! The interactive calendar

The interactive calendar offers even more added value. With this calendar you will not only increase awareness, but als create new traffic to your digital publications.


Order 2020 calendars

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Delivery specifications

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