Desk calendars

Q430 desk calendar

Innovative desk calendar in Stick 'n Glide version

Q400 desk calendar

Easy-to-view desk calendar in landscape design

Q414 desk calendar

Small, handy desk calendar in a square design

Q460 deskpad

A calendar with enough space for your notes

Take your pick!

Are you thinking of giving a desk calendar to all your relations? That is possible with Quartas, because at Quartas you can purchase the standard desk calendars at exceptionally low prices. We guarantee excellent quality and can offer you advice and support regarding the design of your desk calendar. All our calendars are printed in offset.

“Am I in view?”

An important advantage to the desk calendar is that your message can be seen for an entire year on your client’s desk. This, combined with the valuable practical application of a desk calendar, will ensure that your client remains well aware of your message. In this way, the investment will be returned within a very short time.

Quartas desk calendars can be supplied in various dimensions. Use the buttons above to read more about the various designs.

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Are you looking for a promotional gift that proves its value 365 days a year? And that you can completely design in your own corporate style? Then Quartas can help you. With a wide range of calendars and notebooks, there is always one product that meets your needs. Functional, efficient and effective. As a specialist in printed promotional gifts, Quartas can help you from design to delivery, and therefore deliver quality. 

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More information?

The calendars by Quartas are available in various designs. The calendar blocks have a standard lay-out that is clear and easy to view. Each calendar is provided with week numbers and marked holidays and weekends. The calendars can be supplied in various languages. The week begins on Monday (with the exception of American versions) and the calendars are provided with a useful date indicator, and can be supplied with different background colours. In addition, the calendars can be produced completely in your own corporate style.

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