Multilayer calendar

This calendar has a multilayer touch!

Custom-made calendars

Quartas offers a wide range of standard wall calendars, desk calendars and notebooks. If you would rather prefer a custom made design, other size, theme or special finish, Quartas will of course be pleased to assist you.

We can provide you with advice on the shape, design and materials. Various finishing options are possible, which can change the look of a calendar completely. For example:
– Adhesion
– Wire-O
– Multilayer

The layout and the number of printing colours for these specials can also be fully determined by yourself.
Want to know more about the possibilities? Get in touch with us.

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Are you looking for a promotional gift that proves its value 365 days a year? And that you can completely design in your own corporate style? Then Quartas can help you. With a wide range of calendars and notebooks, there is always one product that meets your needs. Functional, efficient and effective. As a specialist in printed promotional gifts, Quartas can help you from design to delivery, and therefore deliver quality. 

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More information?

The calendars by Quartas are available in various designs. The calendar blocks have a standard lay-out that is clear and easy to view. Each calendar is provided with week numbers and marked holidays and weekends. The calendars can be supplied in various languages. The week begins on Monday (with the exception of American versions) and the calendars are provided with a useful date indicator, and can be supplied with different background colours. In addition, the calendars can be produced completely in your own corporate style.

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