Q140 4-month calendar


Q140 4-month calendar


  • Format: 344 x 1000 mm
  • Provided with date pointer
  • Provided with a hanging cord
  • 4 sets of 12 months
  • 4×3 little wire-o’s
  • See for languages, holidays en extra possibilities beneath the page.

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Technical specifications

Here you can download the technical specifications and template for this calendar.

Colours and languages

Languages and holidays:
– English without holidays
– English with general religious holidays
– English with UK holidays
– English with American holidays and an American lay-out
– International without holidays (month/day/week in English/French/German/Spanish)
– Dutch with Dutch holidays
– European version with holidays (month/day/week in English/French/German/Spanish/Dutch/Italian, with holidays of the following countries: AT-BE-BG-CH-CY-CZ-DE-DK-EE-ES-FI-FR-GB-GR-HR-HU-IE-IT-LT-LU-LV-MT-NL-NO-PL-PT-RO-SE-SI-SK-TR)

Colour combinations of month blocks

Other colour or language combinations are available upon request.

Extra possibilities

Make your calendar even glossier.
Intense colours and attractive images can be achieved by means of a high gloss layer as an addition to the printing process. A high gloss adds just that little bit extra to your calendar. We can apply a high gloss in a flexible way: over the whole calendar, just over the header, or precisely for a specific detail. With Quartas, the choice is entirely yours.

The luxury of a show card.
Are you looking for an effective means to allow your calendar to be even more eye-catching? We proudly present: the show card! Almost all the wall calendars can be produced as a show card version. The reinforced header, provided with a high gloss layer, and the bottom part are produced separately and then joined. By means of a few actions, your calendar immediately acquires a sophisticated look.

Attractive, sturdy and strong with the use of a reinforcement ring.
A Quartas should be able to withstand the occasional rough treatment, and that is possible. With this reinforcement ring, you can be certain that your calendar will still be serving its purpose on 31 December, even if it has not always been handled with care. The copper coloured ring has an inside diameter of 5 mm and an outside diameter of 8 mm.

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