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Quartas calendars: the ultimate promotional gift

wall calendar

That calendars and diaries are effective as promotional gifts is shown by the fact that clients of our relations even personally request them; which is all the more reason to use them as promotional gifts. Of course, promotional gifts are not just intended for letting your relations know that you appreciate working with them. With a promotional gift, you are also trying to remain in view. Quartas helps you achieve this goal. We supply desk calendars, wall calendars and diaries that ensure that you are not just in view for a short period, but throughout the entire year.

The calendars by Quartas are available in various designs. The calendar blocks have a standard lay-out that is clear and easy to view. Each calendar is provided with week numbers and marked holidays and weekends. The calendars can be supplied in various languages. The week begins on Monday (with the exception of American versions) and the calendars are provided with a useful date indicator, and can be supplied with different background colours. In addition, the calendars can be produced completely in your own corporate style.


SPECIAL! The interactive calendar

The interactive calendar offers even more added value. With this calendar you will not only increase awareness, but als create new traffic to your digital publications.


Order 2020 calendars

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until the new year. Contact us today so that your calendars for 2020 will be delivered to you on time.


Delivery specifications

ZakBuroagendas_2015-400x367 For supplying the correct files find here ourĀ file specifications


Quartas Calendars. Functional, efficient and effective.